About Us

       I have been in business since May of 2011.   My concept is simple...  a quality product at a realistic and reasonable price.   

     Products in my store are priced at a fair market value.  I use www.pricecharting.com or eBay (sorted lowest first) to determine the current value of items.  I may not have everything in stock, but what I do have is priced very competitively to the lowest current online prices.   

     I also have a large section of common titles in stock.  Those common items are always $5.00 ea. or 3 for just $10.00.  

     Quality is a guarantee when shopping with my company.   I won't buy or sell any disks that are scratched and I won't buy or sell any game cartridges that are not authentic, cleaned & tested.   As with anything in my store,  My items are always guaranteed.  


Matt J. Landock
Matt J. Landock

Owner/Operator of Matts Vintage Video Games

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Building #10

Hours of Operation:

Every Sat. & Sun. Only

9am to 5pm

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