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       In May of 2011 I had an idea for a better gamestore.  With only $20 to my name I began to design the concept. Why can't there be a store with reasonable prices that reflect the current online costs?  The way I figure it.... If I am only going to put $20 in my pocket after selling it online, then the item is only worth $20.  I find no reason to overcharge since my overhead costs are much lower than big box retailers.  

      I also believe in quality control, clenliness & good customer relations.  It is very important to me that I put out a quality product that functions without issue and that my customers are happy and want to return time and time again.  I treat every customer with respect and kindness. I am always here to help and willing to listen  to every customer.


Matt J. Landock
of Matts Vintage Video Games
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Building #10

Hours of Operation:

Every Sat. & Sun. Only

9am to 5pm

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