9000 Full Length Retro Games

All on One Device

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     Looking for your childhood game experience but don't want to be invested a huge amount of money?  This device is the answer.  Its basically a Raspberry Pi 3 which is a small computer.  I put everything together for you.  You don't have to do a thing to it.  Just open the package, hook up the device and play thousands of full length old school games.   

     The device is fully loaded with about 9000 Titles.  Every single game from Atari to Super Nintendo.   They are full HDMI and hook up to any flat screen TV.  Save your progress at any point and even use the old cheat codes just like the old days.  Bring your childhood memories back by gifting yourself with one of these awesome devices.

     I build these systems personally.  I put it together, I program it, I sell it to you and I ship it out quickly with tracking.  These devices are quality and will last for a long time and are lots of fun.  They do not dissapoint.  



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Mini Pre-Loaded Game System

With 2 Controllers

Package Contents:

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

SNES Style Casing with Safe Shutdown Feature

Fully Loaded 64 GB Micro SD Card

Power Supply

HDMI Cable

2 SNES Style USB Controllers

DVD Tutorial Video

Instruction Manual

The Guarantee:

     If the software ever fails just get it back to me and i will reprogram it for you at no cost. If the controllers wear out, I sell them for $10 ea.  Hardware failure or user error is not covered under the warranty.

Watch the Full Tutorial Video Here

Expect Delivery Delays:

     I apologies but the motherboards are out of stock almost everywhere.  If I do get them in it takes several days to ship them to me, then I will build your system and get it out to you.  I can still build and send them, but cannot guarantee 2 day delivery at this time.  

Need an Extra Controller?

Looking for an extra controller,  this is the best choice.  I stock controllers that work well with this device and are pre-configured for it.  Price includes taxes, fees and shipping costs.  Twelve bucks brings this controller to your door.  These controllers are a couple of dollars cheaper directly from me in my store where I don't have to ship it to you. 


10' USB Extender Cable

for Controller

The controllers have a 6' cable, if thats not long enough for you I have these 10' USB extension cables.  This will allow you to extend the controllers out to a total of 16 feet.  Price includes taxes, fees and shipping costs.  $10.00 brings 1 home to your door.